working state of conveyors

working state of conveyors

Postby Morian » Fri Jul 29, 2005 2:03 pm

Hi there,

I have following situation:
A conveyor is stopped and restarted via VL. The speed of the conveyor is also adjusted via VL. After the conveyor is a sotrage bin. Somtimes after stopping and restarting the conveyor and changing the speed, the working state of the conveyor changes to 2 (blocked) and the conveyor does not rout out any workitems. the rout-out disciplin from this conveyor is circulate.

After some time, the state changes from blocked to working and the conveyor acts normal.

Does anyone of you now the exact conditions for a conveyor to be set to blocked?

Maybe there is a problem with setting new values for speed and refreshing the conveyor.

thank you for helping...

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