Problem using microsoft scheduler

Problem using microsoft scheduler

Postby vezy » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:15 pm

Hi, there

I use vba procedures in excel to open and run a simul8 model. The excel file is launched by Microsoft scheduler. The whole process works fine when the workstation is logged in. But it fails either when the machine is logged out or locked out. The vba procedure stops right at the following statement

Set MYSIMUL8 = GetObject("", "SIMUL8.S8Simulation")

The excel file and model have to migrate to a server later. We don't want the model to be launched by microsoft scheduler when the server is logged in. Does anyone know of any solution to this? Thanks alot.

Version of simul8: professional version 11.
workstation os: windows xp.
version of office: Office xp.

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