Regarding sharing loaders, vehicle and path

Regarding sharing loaders, vehicle and path

Postby casey_wong » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:56 am


I am trying to build the following and would be much appreciated if someone could provide some help:

The layout have one loader at point A and another at point B, work item are loaded and unloaded at point A and B (so a loader need to both load and unload an item). But there could only be one vehicle being used one at a time. For example item arrive at point A and loader A load item onto the vehicle and travel to point B, then loader B unload item into a storage. Another item arrived at point B and the loader B load item onto the same vehicle and it travel to point A and loader A unload the item into another storage bin. If there is no item arrive at point B, the vehicle should go back to point A and park there.

Any advice will be much appreciated

Best Regards
Casey Wong

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