Resource question

Resource question

Postby christos84 » Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:18 am

HI guys

The model I am putting together has 8 storage bins feeding 7 work centres

I have 2 resource types that must be used in all work centres for all types of work the amount of these resources are dependent on the work type.

I also have 15 other resources that are shift and day dependant and these resources can only do curtain work. This work may be on 1 work centre or several work centres. I have labels that have the work centre and the resource as well as the timing and scheduling information etc associated with them.

The feeding of the work piece from the storage bin to the correct work centre is quite simple as is setting the timing of the work centre
Question - how do I ensure that the correct resource that is shift dependent is called to the correct work centre?

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