Work Center Efficiency - data input using labels

Work Center Efficiency - data input using labels

Postby usjung » Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:31 pm


I am modeling a construction operation for my Ph.D research. In the model, I am including the effect of weather on the operation. When severe fog occurs or the wind blows fast, certain work centers have to stop working and start from scratch again when it restarts. I was successful in modeling the start-from-scratch issue.
However, for modeling the breakdown of work centers due to either fog or high wind. I found that the ‘efficiency’ function works at ‘detailed’ setup when I use labels for setting up the frequency or occurrence percentage of the bad weather.
I generated two tables for wind and fog each, which contain % of occurrences for each month and the length of duration (Time to repair in Simul8). After these values for each month are set up as labels then feed into the “efficiency” tab. Simul8 has two options, which are ‘auto’ or ‘detailed’. The ‘auto’ function uses ‘% of time the work center runs’ and ‘time to repair’. The ‘detailed’ function uses ‘Mean Time Between Failures’ and ‘time to repair’. It seems that the ‘auto function does not accept any label to be input, although ‘detailed’ function accepts the use of labels.

Is there anyway I can use ‘% of occurrences’ instead of MTBF? For weather issue, MTBF does not truly represent the issue, because bad weather does not happen in periodical terms. For instance, high wind can occur three times in a month, but not for every 10 days, it can occur three days consecutively in a month.

Would you help me on this issue?
Ph.D. Student

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