Sliders: Problems - Invisible, sizing, etc

Sliders: Problems - Invisible, sizing, etc

Postby jotto » Mon May 20, 2013 6:46 pm

I am new to Simul8 so I apologize for any ignorance. I understand the Sliders feature is new but it appears that it isnt fully functional. I have tested it on a very small model and noticed that it was hard to: 1. keep it in the same spot, 2. size it correctly and keep it that size, 3. as well as keep the Data Bar which displays the slider variable the same font size. Every time i would click it the font would go back to the default size 8.

Now I am working on a much larger model and the customer wants to see at least a slider used, even if it is only to manage the look of the animation. But this time I am having troubles even seeing the slider. I create the bar and as soon as I click off its disappears. I can zoom in and sometimes it will appear, but always in a different spot and sometimes it doesn't appear at all. I usually need to select a large area to even know where the slider is. And when i do find it all I can select is the slider box thing, which is just a box, but I still can not see or use the actual slider.

Any thoughts? I just don't know why this is such a difficult item to use. Just looking for any tips if any exist. Thank you.


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