Do Until Batch Production Model Inquier

Do Until Batch Production Model Inquier

Postby girazuzta » Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:55 pm

Hi everyone!

I am dealing with a batch production system wher a WI needs to be transformed at 2 different stages, where doesn't matter the order, to leave.

Imagine 4 stages of production where second and third stage need the same resource and it doesn't matter the order of stage 2 and 3 (it is possible to first operate the stage 3 and then stage 2 or vice versa).
The WI are stored at one buffer till it reaches its maximum capacity, after that the current stage (supose it is Stage 2) is set down and the next one (Stage 3) is set up and start working the previusly stored WI and send them to Stage 4. Because it doesn't matter the order between stages (and to reduce the amount of changeovers), when the buffer reaches emptiness, the current stage (Stage 3) starts demanding WI from Stage 1 and send them to a new buffer. When it reaches max capacity, the current stage is set down (stage 3) and the other one (stage 2) starts again consuming WI from this buffer and so on till the total batch of the product is completed.

Well, I have a problem with the collect function and can not figure it out. I will really appreciate your suggestion. Please take a look at the file attached and run the simulation:

At the model I attached, Stage 1 would be WC called "Supervision de Produccion BOT", stage 2 is WC called "KE2050 Tomar Placa y Montar en Carro", stage 3 is WC called "KE2050 Tomar Placa y Montar en Carro 2" and Stage 4 is WC called "Reflow BOT".

Thank you

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