Warehouse load process - Doubt

Warehouse load process - Doubt

Postby Victor Licastro » Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:06 pm

I'm creating a simulation for a warehouse. Basic the production process is: get the pine logs with a forklift or a tractor and load a container to be exported.

1 forklift (standard) which is only 80% available for this operation.
1 forklift with a Claw attached (to hold the logs).
1 Tractor (container loader).

Operating assumptions:
-When I use the forklift to load the container I must use both forklifts (The standard forklift only gives a support to the one with claw to grab the logs).
- In others activities I'll be using the 2 forklift separated.
- For this pine logs process, we have 2 production lines.

My doubt is: To load the container I've created a pool of resource for the claw forklift and the tractor. So how can I create a logical associate that "says": if the claw forklift go for example to the production line 1 the standard forklift have to go as well.
Victor Licastro

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