Routing Question

Routing Question

Postby menglert » Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:58 pm


I am simulating the manufacturing process of three different parts. Each have different batch sizes and use some of the same machines (modelled as activities). On the shared machines I want to be able to control how many work items it grabs from a specific queue, then process them individually. So for example, take 10 items from queue A, process them, then take 3 items from queue B and process them etc. The machine needs to be able to start processing the items even though they are not all in the queue but it can't start on items from another queue until it has finished processing all of the first 10 items. How would I go about simulating this process?

I have experimented with batching but I found that while this allowed the items to travel together, the items need to be able to go through the activity separately.

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