Label based resource, distribution and probability profiles

Label based resource, distribution and probability profiles

Postby RickyLIU » Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:52 pm

I am trying to build a model to simulate the distribution of patients. In my model, patients will be given a specialty at the very beginning. And then they will go to different wards with different probability profiles distribution according to the specialty label.

To make the model clear, we summarize some patterns of how things work. And for patients they usually will go some same wards and then go to their specialty ward. When they go to their specialty ward I just give one working centre for specialty ward. My thought is that when a patient comes, the WC will require a certain type of specialty label based on the specialty. Also the operation time of the specialty ward should also change according to specialty label.

The logic is quite straight forward but I just learned how to use Simul8 and cannot master many functions. What's more, there are quite many specialties. Is there any method that can be used to make this model work?

Thanks a lot for any reply and advice.

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