Simple Bank Cashier Simulation

Simple Bank Cashier Simulation

Postby maram » Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:03 pm

So, basically im trying to do a bank cashier simulation, but i cant seem to understand what to do.

the simulation im trying to do is: a bank has 3 cashiers. the customers that arrive at the bank, 45% come to make a transaction, whereas 55% come to deposit money into their account. inter arrival time follows an exponential distribution of 2.5 mins. the service time on each cashier for transactions follows a normal dist (mean: 8, Standard deviation 2). the service time on each cashier for deposits follows a normal dist (mean: 24, standard deviation 16).

now how would i put that into a simulation.
what i did is i put one start point with the exp dist of 1.5 and using Routing Out under Discipline/Percent: 45% for transaction queue and 55% for deposit queue. then two queues (one for transaction , one for deposits). then 3 activities for each cashier.

this is now where im stuck.

any help is appreciated.
thank you

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