Labels & distribution help

Labels & distribution help

Postby sanchez12 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:44 pm


I have 1 queue which leads to 3 different stations.

However, I have 2 different products going into the same queue.
However, the time of the products when they are assembly line are different.

product 1 takes 30 mins to assemble
product 2 takes 50 mins to assemble

I wanted to ask, how could I:

1. Proritise product 1 go through to any of the assembly lines before product 2.
2. Create 2 labels stating the time of each product.

So I would like product 1 to go through the queue into the assembly lines before product one.

An example

assembly line 1 (currently had product 1 in and takes 30 mins)
assembly line 2 (currently had product 2 in and takes 50 mins)

How can I do this via distributions and labels?

Much appreciated.

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