Releasing only a part of the resources

Releasing only a part of the resources

Postby Mr. Whatshisname » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:33 am

How can I release only a part of the resources I have at some work center? The resources have arrived there with a work item from a previous work station and need to be released as a different resource (arriving clean, leaving dirty)

So far I've tried the regular resources button on the work centers, but that will not allow me to release only a part of the resources, it's all or nothing.
I've tried to get this done with visual logic also, but it seems that you are not able to release resources as another resource with visual logic and it only allows you to release resources assigned to visual logic with the "Resources Use" command. The problem with this is that the resources then would not be visible at the work center contents and wouldn't travel with the work items and most importantly cannot be released as another resource.

Any suggestions on how to get this sorted out? I've been wracking my brains with this problem for a few days now and have not found any way of actually getting it done. :oops:

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