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Is it possible to retrieve the Job Matrix Timing?

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:04 pm
by jmerschat
Is it possible to retrieve and assign the Job Matrix Timing to a subsequent activity following the routing. I have a very complex routing for an assembly operation so I am using the Job Matrix to route the Work Item to an Activity with zero timing then I will do some batching or collecting in a subsequent function and then assign the required cycle time to the Activity for this particular entity type and activity type. I need to be able to reference the timing from the Job Matrix, but do not see any way to capture it. It is not as simple as making a separate look-up matrix as the Work Items route back through the same Activities with different timings (hence the Job Matrix). There are also some replication issues driving this. I would like to have replicates driven by the Resources, but that locks out all of the batching and collection functionality at the Activity.