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Inquiry regarding the simulation of human behavior with Simul8

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:57 pm
by Phil89
Dear all,

currently, I am working on a scientific paper (master study program logistics) on the possibilities of depiction and simulation of "human behavior" in manual production and logistics processes (e.g. commissioning systems). Therefore, I would like to forward some questions regarding SIMUL8 on that matter.
Besides basic information, I analyze and characterize several simulation softwares on the basis of three features regarding "human behavior", namely:

- interactions of the "worker" with the environment (e.g. interaction/communication with other workers or distractions with an impact on performance)
- physical behavior of the "worker" (e.g. fatigue over time, impact on performance..)
- cognition of the "worker" (e.g. own decision-making, consideration of learning curves..)

In which ways are these aspects integrated in SIMUL8 (direct or maybe indirect solutions)?

If you have any questions regarding the content do not hesitate to ask.
I appreciate your efforts and thank you in advance.

Kind regards,