Problem with VL on a Simul8 model

Problem with VL on a Simul8 model

Postby rimB » Tue Feb 23, 2016 9:57 am

Hello everyone,
i'm a new learner concerning Simul8 and i can't make a VL code work.
It's actually working well on the start and then it stops. the current contents option shows me that it's not affecting my labels well.
My code is about affecting a label to a current work item depending on the number of the current item and it needs to be done for different periodes.
my first version was with a loop but i thought the problem was coming from my counter so i changed to another version which is simpler but it's still not working.
Any help is welcomed.

SET i = 0
SET Compt = 0
IF Periode = 1
--IF Taille = 1
--SET i = i+1
-- IF i <= 400
-----SET Robinet = 2
--IF i > 400
-----SET Robinet = 3

and the same code is done for the other peridoes.
i don't know if i'm define my counter as i should.

Thank you for your help.

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