How to the investigate reuqired staff needed to achieve some tasks? - Urgent

How to the investigate reuqired staff needed to achieve some tasks? - Urgent

Postby Suba » Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:27 am

Hi there,
Still I'm trying to figure out how to use Simul8 software to the investigate how many staff needed to achieve some tasks. Highly appreciated if you can guide or help me on this. And also I need to complete this task urgently. So hope someone could help me on this.

Question is as follows.

AutoStuff is a company that provides a car parts ordering service. AutoStuff works with three suppliers to provide the parts as follows: Supplier A - Part 1, Supplier B - Part 2, Supplier C - Part 3. An order arrives at AutoStuff and is checked (we will assume that each order is only for a single part). The order is then processed and is passed onto parts request. This activity then passes on the order to each supplier as appropriate. Each supplier receives the order from AutoStuff, checks it, processes it and then returns the order confirmation back to AutoStuff. AutoStuff then processes the confirmation and confirms the order with the customer. Each supplier can also receive its own orders. When a Supplier processes its own customer order, it confirms the order with its customers directly. Each company has a pool of customer advisers working on each step of the above order processing. You may assume that orders always arrive correctly (order checking never rejects) and that the other activities are always successful. The product is always in stock. The supply chain operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The managers of AutoStuff and the three companies want to know how many staff they need to process the orders as quickly as possible. Staff will only work at a specific company and cannot be shared.

Use Simul8 to investigate how many staff are needed at each company. Your report must specify what the best number of staff is for each company. Your report must include graphs similar to the simulation results graph on p. 61 of the workbook that show the upper 95%, average and lower 95% confidence interval range. You will need one graph for each of the companies. You must also consider the warm up time, the results collection period. You may assume 5 replications for each of your trials. You must attempt to discuss the implications of these statistics on your results (e.g. how confident are you that your results are statistically reliable).

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