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Doubt , several set-up over one week

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:26 pm
by Everton.ciclo
I am new to SIMUL8 , I'm trying to create a situation and had a doubt . I wonder if you could help me .
" A production line develops three product types.
Each product has its time and quantity to be produced . The line consists of an entrance, a line, an activity and an end.
Every day is produced a number of items . Example:
Model 1, 50 parts (20 minutes each item)
Model 2 30 parts (50 minutes each item)
60 pieces of model 3 (80 minutes each item)
The production starts on Monday and ,
when a product runs out,
is made ​​a set of 30 minutes for the other product start production ,
and so successively , ending on Friday .
My doubts are:
1 - How do I make this logic , so that when depletes the scheduled quantity of an item starts another.
2 - How do you create the logic in that , when starting the process of a new item, automatically modifies the activity time .

Thank you for the help !