Variable collect (Simul8 2014)

Variable collect (Simul8 2014)

Postby Simul8or » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:21 am

Hello there,

I would be glad if you could help me out with this one:

I have a WC that collects 2 different items and assembles them (collect & assemble). This WC has 3 Queues:

- Queue 1: Items from this Queue are needed every time (e.g. Frame)
- Queue 2: Big Wheels
- Queue 3: Small Wheels
--> The WC needs 4 items (for simplicity 1 is fine too) from either Queue 2 OR Queue 3

Is there a possibility to collect and assemble from 2 out of 3 Queues? (in Simul8 2014 - where variable collect doesn't exist yet)

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