Work Item travels on a pallet

Work Item travels on a pallet

Postby Rocky23 » Thu Apr 04, 2019 12:09 pm

I am trying to simulate an assembly line with 6 pallets fixed to the line where they transfers a single product around the whole assembly line. The product is placed on the pallet at station 1 and removed at station 7 by an operator. The pallet returns back to station one after the product is removed. How do I simulate the pallets and how do I fix it so the product can only go through the line if a pallet is a available.


Re: Work Item travels on a pallet

Postby Simulater92 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:16 pm

In Simul8, I would use Resources which represent the available pallets, ie available number is 6 in total. Then, I would set the process up so that the resources/pallets travel with a work item. Some information on that is here: ... esmovework

That is, you only assign the resource to Station 1 and 7, not the ones in between. Then on station 1 > Resources > Detail, set it to "Require here, but do not Release the resource" and on 7, set it to "Only Release here". Then, each work item will pick up a pallet at station 1 and requires it for the whole process. Only after station 7, the pallet is released again to be available for the next work item at station 1. If all pallets are in use, the work items will start queueing.

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