Using Text Boxes in Models

Using Text Boxes in Models

Postby daveJcherrington » Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:08 pm

I have been working with Simul8 for a few months now and I just recently started using some text boxes in the simulation to make some on-screen notes for presenting the model at a meeting.

However, each time I save and exit, then return to the simulation at a later time, all of the formatting in each of the text boxes is gone. In addition to this, any usage charts I have displayed end up being moved from the position I left them at when I saved.

Is this a glitch, or am I doing something wrong?? This is concerning for me because I've had requests to send out the simulation as a viewer file so that others can view the simulation using the free viewer, however I'm reluctant to do that if it means they are going to open it up to find these parts of the design have not been saved correctly.

Can anyone shed any light? Am I missing a setting in the options somewhere that will allow me to save these things? Or will I need to make sure I am present each time someone views the model so I can add the frills and final touches that make people go "Oooooo"?

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